The Benefits of Having A Bath Sheet

The towel is a personal necessity for every person. Aside from its main purpose after you took a shower or you took a nice afternoon swim, there might be other uses for the regular towel if only they could’ve been larger or wider, for that matter. Luckily, there is a bigger version of bath towels and it is called a bath sheet. You can quickly distinguish them from the regular ones based from the size itself. And by just simply looking at it, you know you can get more from these bath sheet towels as like designer bedding.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Bath Sheets

Regular bath towels come in different measurements or dimensions, this is mostly dependent to their manufacturers but you can expect their dimensions to be between 27-30 inches by 52-58 inches. The towel sheets, on the other hand, will be around 35 inches by 60 inches. That is a huge convenience if you are looking for more absorbency and coverage. It might be a challenge to dry them since most towel racks are made to fit the standard sized towels, but this slight disadvantage will not make anyone back out from purchasing an oversized bath sheet if they have thought of other uses from it.

Oversized White Bath Sheets For Women

Things That You Can Do More

Bath towels are ideal if you are an average sized person. It is also suited to be placed in the kid’s bathroom. However, if you are not the average Joe, then one of the varieties of bath sheet towels should be your choice. Given that perspective, the main feature of the bath sheet that anyone can take advantage is its substantial size. So here are some things that you can do with them that you can’t with the standard bath towels;

  • If you are the person who loves to linger inside your bathroom after taking a shower, then these sheets should be your choice. It doesn’t get damped easily because it can absorb more  thus allowing you to stay dry while you do your after shower routine, like brushing your teeth or shaving.

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  • It’s like a common ritual for everyone to gather around a bonfire when they are outdoors and spend the night exchanging stories. Sooner or later, the chilly nights will get in to you and you need some form of insulation but you just can’t literally drag your bed sheet on the ground and spoil it. Again, just the size of the bath sheet is enough to cover a good portion of your back and shoulder to keep you warm. You can even invite another person to squeeze in and have that chance to be a little closer.

 Buy Bamboo Bath Sheets For Men

  • Though towels can be a personal item for most, there are instances that you need to share them with other people. The bamboo bath sheet is a popular variant that is mainly used for its absorbency features. It is a fact that bamboo fiber when used as a drying cloth is 4 times more absorbent than cotton. Therefore, it is a recommended item when you go out in the beach or public pool with your children and dry them all at once with this larger and more absorbent towel.


Now that you are facing the facts about the bath sheet, it can easy to understand why you need to get at least one of them. Most people would say that quality over quantity is better, but don’t get it wrong. Whatever benefits you can get from the standard towels as like monogrammed towels, you can also get them in bath sheets but only in bigger amounts.